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Costco revenue exceeds $170B annually.  They offer items from health and beauty to hardware and household.  Their sales are driven by treasure hunt buying; focusing on purchasing items in mass quantity and distributing to hundreds of stores to be sold as quickly as possible.  Items found typically have no competitive product, causing sales to be successful and resulting in a sellout.  Members know to buy NOW or the item is likely to be sold out on the next visit.  Sales are driven on perceived and experienced demand.  The next item, likely new but similar, is then brought in with the same result.  This phenomenon is what drives vendors to source seasoned Costco brokers.  VendorCo can help-visit or email [email protected]

St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is a celebration of Saint Patrick, the foremost patron Saint of Ireland.  If you are having a party to celebrate St. Paddy’s day, you need not look further than Costco. Costco offers Irish beer, Irish butter, corned beef, cabbage, and apple pie. No matter the holiday, Costco offers their members high demand foods, unique seasonal and non-foods to support your celebration. 

Costco looks high and low for great suppliers to provide new food products. As you can imagine, the choices are endless for Costco and it’s nearly impossible to meet and vet all the suppliers looking to sell to them.  If you are a manufacturer with a strong brand or a major manufacturer looking to produce private label goods, VendorCo can help.  VendorCo offers over 32 years of Costco expertise.  Email [email protected] for more information.

National Pi Day

Pi Day is the celebration of the Greek letter π representing the ratio of a circle’s circumference. This incredibly special day is often celebrated with a pie to share in math class or with family. If are looking for a great tasting 12 serving pie, Costco is the place to shop! Costco offers top selling pies on March 14 and year around. Their pie selection includes Apple pie, Peach pie, Pecan pie, Pumpkin pie, Key Lime pie and Chicken Pot pie! 

Costco’s baked goods are offered in the bakery, the general bread department, and the frozen section. The bakery items are baked by Costco daily.  The baked goods in the bread department are baked by local bakeries. Frozen bakery items are typically manufactured for national retail. If you are a bakery supplying retail chain outside of Costco and are looking to expand your distribution, Costco could be a good fit. Email [email protected] with information about your company and line of goods.

National Pack Your Lunch Day

Wednesday, March 10 is National Pack Your Lunch Day. A great place to stock up on your lunch items is Costco. Costco’s worldwide (all 795 of them) offer great items for your lunch. If you are looking for a great deal on (49) Nature Valley Crunchy Granola Bars, Costco is the place to shop. Other great, jumbo packed lunch items include 3 lb club pack lunch meats, twin pack super loaves of bread and (24) 20-ounce Gatorades. Eat it, share it, freeze it… no matter your plan, Costco has what you need in bulk.

Why bulk? Costco prides themselves in offering items people will consume, stock up on or resell. This is a perfect model for manufacturers looking to sell pallets of product in full containers. The result allows Costco’s almost 100M members to purchase bulk packed goods at savings other retailers do not offer. If you are a supplier of food items or non-food items and would like to explore selling to Costco, please contact [email protected].  

National Day of Unplugging

To help alleviate the stress of life, March 6th has been designated as the National Day of Unplugging. With life being so demanding, it seems appropriate that a day should be set aside to unplug from electronics. We at VendorCo suggest on this very special day to enjoy your day…perhaps while pondering what electronic items you may need on March 7th or in the near future. Costco offers a wide variety of electronic items such as cell phones, air fryers, lamps, saws, plug in air fresheners, TVs, hair dryers, grooming kits, treadmills and humidifiers.  

Costco prides themselves on working with great vendors who supply top quality electronic and non-electronic goods. If you offer a fun, exciting and successful item to retailers across the United States and would like to see your item sold at or in their stores, consider VendorCo to be your product broker. Contact [email protected] or visit our website for more information at

National Read Across America Day

In celebration of National Read Across America Day on March 2, 2021, it’s the perfect time to appreciate Costco’s book selection for readers of all ages. Costco’s members (all 98.5M of them!) shop and enjoy new top selling books by their favorite authors at a nice savings.   

Like books, Costco prides itself on offering new and exciting items to their members.  If you are a manufacturer or supplier of a new and exciting product that has been well received at other retailers, perhaps you should consider Costco. Contact [email protected] or visit our website to learn more about VendorCo and how we may be able to be of value to your company and its goals.

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