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Understanding the Costco culture, knowing how to efficiently market your products to the decision makers and having solid relationships in place are the keys that separate the Costco vendors from the Costco hopefuls. You are the expert in your business, but we are the experts in Costco’s business.

Costco buyers know their members love the treasure hunt that a trip to Costco offers. When you work with us, you can be confident that we will give you the guidance needed to present the best items in a way that showcases the compelling value your product offers. Your product can be that treasure, and we would love to help you map out your success!

Most companies simply do not have the knowledge required to navigate Costco’s merchandising strategies and very specific packaging requirements. VendorCo Account Manager have worked with Costco for over 20 years, however, and will quickly help you establish:

  • Packagig that conforms to Costco’s rigorous requirements
  • Product testing and audits required by Costco
  • The best pallet configuration and display

Did you know that Costco tests 95% of their products before buying mass quantities? We’ll prepare you for that possibility and the form it may take, whether it may be a Roadshow, Product Demo, or other type of Special Event.

VendorCo also specializes in working with service providers. Many service providers often don’t spend the time to develop their brand at retail, and therefore don’t see the possibilities of working with Costco. That’s where we come in. Our Executive Account Managers are highly skilled at developing Costco solutions for service providers.

Consider the amazing success of Garden Grande at Costco

VendorCo was approached by an Organic Fertilizer company who had a sought after product with established distribution to garden centers. The company had reached out to Costco in the past with no success. During the product review and analysis, the VendorCo Executive Account Manager identified that the label was not competing with other major fertilizer products. The logo was redesigned, a new label was created, and as a result of this rebranding, VendorCo was able to secure a meeting with the Costco buyer. An order was placed and you will be able to find Garden Grande 100% Organic and Natural Fertilizer at your local Costco in spring 2013!

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