Costco Preparation and Meeting Support

Preparing for your meeting at Costco to showcase your product is a critical step in the process and one which can be very nerve-wracking for many businesses. When you work with us, however, you can put your anxieties to rest! We’ll fully prepare you for the rigorous presentation requirements, coach you through the meeting process, and stay engaged to answer any questions you might have.

Having the right relationships within Costco is a key aspect of getting your product placed. Getting through to the correct buyers and decision makers can be difficult, if not impossible for those who don’t have established relationships.

We work with Costco buyers and decision makers on a daily basis and have for many years, so you can be confident that we can not only secure a meeting for you, but ensure that you are fully prepared. As part of our Costco preparation and meeting support, we will:

  • Help you craft a compelling meeting presentation
  • Prepare you for the common questions that will likely arise during the presentation
  • Be by your side for the actual meeting, providing support as necessary
  • Help you resolve any problems that may arise during the meeting process.

Stationary Company Success Story

A stationary company with solid distribution was attempting to pitch their product to Costco, but continued to receive feedback that their price was too high. Luckily, the company had chosen to utilize VendorCo as their manufacturer representative. After a thorough review of the costs associated with the program, VendorCo found that the costs to package and ship the item were severely affecting their price point. VendorCo assisted in sourcing out a competitively priced packaging company located in the US that would lower both the cost of production and the cost to ship. After these changes were made, VendorCo was able to secure yet another Costco purchase order.

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