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Costco & PriceSmart Product Placement

VendorCo is a Costco and PriceSmart specific manufacturer’s representative/brokerage company that is committed to placing your branded or emerging products into Costco. We see retail opportunities in all types of items (except for books, tobacco and alcohol) and services, and can help you create the next top selling products at Costco and/or PriceSmart stores or online, nationally and internationally.

With VendorCo, you’re not just a number! We go the extra mile for you, by providing you with a customized strategy to help you develop a proven and cohesive approach to product selection, price focus, club packaging and a support program to optimize your success at Costco and PriceSmart.

From webinars, strategy planning, rebranding, product development, focused consulting and brand development, we offer a full list of services to help you succeed. Here’s a detailed look at how we can help you:

Product Review and Analysis

The foundation of your success is based on having a unique, compelling product or service to sell. If you are unsure whether your product is qualified to be sold at Costco or PriceSmart, or even if you have already been turned down by Costco or PriceSmart, once or one hundred times, we can help. Our expert Account Managers will conduct a thorough, comprehensive review of your product and make specific recommendations to optimize your success. Click here to learn more about how our Product Review and Analysis process can help you succeed at Costco or PriceSmart.

Marketing and Sales

Understanding the Costco culture, knowing how to efficiently market your products to the decision makers and having solid relationships in place are the keys that separate the Costco vendors from the Costco hopefuls. You are the expert in your business, but we are the experts in Costco’s business, offering 30 years of experience.  The same is true for PriceSmart with VendorCo offing its clients 5 years of relationships and expertise.

Both Costco and PriceSmart buyers know their members love the treasure hunt atmosphere their stores offer their members. When you work with us, you can be confident that we’ll give you the guidance needed to present the right items in a way that showcases the compelling value your product offers. Your product can be that treasure, and we’d love to help you map out your success! Click here to learn how Garden Grande benefited working through our sales and marketing process with Costco:

Costco & PriceSmart Preparation and Meeting Support

Preparing for your meeting at Costco or at PriceSmart to showcase your product is a critical step in the process and one which can be very nerve-wracking for many businesses.

However, when you work with us, you can put your anxieties to rest! We will fully prepare you for the rigorous presentation requirements, coach you through the meeting process, and stay engaged to answer any questions you might have. Click here to learn more about how we prepare you for your important meetings at Costco (and PriceSmart).

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