National Pi Day

Pi Day is the celebration of the Greek letter π representing the ratio of a circle’s circumference. This incredibly special day is often celebrated with a pie to share in math class or with family. If are looking for a great tasting 12 serving pie, Costco is the place to shop! Costco offers top selling pies on March 14 and year around. Their pie selection includes Apple pie, Peach pie, Pecan pie, Pumpkin pie, Key Lime pie and Chicken Pot pie! 

Costco’s baked goods are offered in the bakery, the general bread department, and the frozen section. The bakery items are baked by Costco daily.  The baked goods in the bread department are baked by local bakeries. Frozen bakery items are typically manufactured for national retail. If you are a bakery supplying retail chain outside of Costco and are looking to expand your distribution, Costco could be a good fit. Email [email protected] with information about your company and line of goods.

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