Vendor Advantages

First, offers greater buying potential to manufacturers. If your company is unable to land a Costco in-store account, you can always attempt to pursue And while Costco in-store items must serve a larger demographic, items have the potential to fit in a more niche category. items can also help reduce return rates for impulse buys, and an optional survey is provided at the time of a return request. This option allows Costco and your company to pinpoint exactly why members are returning your product to locate areas of growth and improvement.

Additionally, offers members the opportunity to review your product. If you are able to land an account with, chances are good that your product is high quality. Member reviews allow potential customers to hear firsthand accounts of how great your product functions for the Costco member. also offers advertising and sales opportunities that are not available through Costco in-store, and are delivered directly to the member. To read more about advertising and sales opportunities, check out our next blog post. Member Advantages

Costco members have the added advantage of a wider product offering on as compared to the warehouses. While the warehouses only carry a few thousand items at a time, is able to host a myriad of additional items that cannot be found in the stores. These items still provide the high quality guarantee that Costco is famous for amongst their members, with only a 20% product overlap.

Additionally, is able to offer special order items and additional services that would not be realistic for in-store sales. From wedding services to health care offerings, can provide quick and cost effective solutions to Costco members. And like all eCommerce sites, offers all of these benefits from the convenience of the member’s home, without having to fight the checkout lines and crowded aisles.

If you have a product or service that would be a good fit for, contact VendorCo today. We can help you present your product to the appropriate people, with the required information, in Costco’s preferred format. Contact us at, or (949) 326-8909.

Costco Specialty Departments

Costco has several avenues outside of those listed in the previous entries. Specialty Departments may include Costco’s Travel, Optical, Pharmacy, and many more. Some items may cross over to specialty departments, and if so, it is important to understand how they differ from other Costco avenues.

If you believe your product or service may fall into a specialty department and are interested in seeking representation, contact VendorCo today to get started at

Costco Business Delivery

Costco Business Delivery serves both the ecommerce and the brick and mortar markets, with a limited number of Business Deliver Centers spanning the US. This avenue of Costco is intended specifically for business owners, which make up a significant portion of Costco’s member demographic.

Items found in a Costco Business Center differ from a typical warehouse, in that many items intended for personal use are omitted and replaced with those serving a business purpose. For example, instead of personal garments you might find scrubs or janitorial uniforms. Instead of daily use pots and pans, you might find commercial kitchen appliances and equipment.

If your item serves the small to medium business market, then Costco’s business delivery may be a good fit for you. For more information about Costco Business Delivery, or to speak to a VendorCo sales representative, call us at (949)326-8909 or e-mail

How to Sell Product to Costco

Wondering why you cannot seem to find clear instructions regarding how to sell product to Costco? There are two main reasons for this shortage of information.

First, not many people truly know and understand how to sell product to Costco. Other than directly from the source itself, few companies or individuals have the understanding needed to successfully educate others about this topic. Even those who have worked with Costco once or twice are not likely to be knowledgeable about how to sell product to each individual Costco department.

Second, much of this information is considered to be “trade secrets”, and is simply not accessible for public access. Unfortunately, this makes it very difficult for companies to gain access to pertinent information regarding how to sell product to Costco.

However, all is certainly not lost for hopeful Costco vendors. Affordable resources are available to any company looking for information about how to sell product to Costco. For instance, VendorCo has access to a wealth of information related to how to sell product to Costco. After 20 years of experience and daily interactions with the Costco buying staff, we can answer most questions about Costco’s processes at the drop of a hat. This information is openly available to any of our clients, or through consultations.

Though it may be difficult to find, information about how to sell product to Costco is available. All you have to do is call us! Whether you are looking for long term representation and a commitment to service throughout your Costco program, or if you just want to clear up a few loose ends before proceeding, you can find exactly what you are looking for through one of our services.

Contact us at to find out if a partnership is right for you, or visit our services page here for more information about a personalized consultation.

How to Sell Your Product to Costco

If you have stumbled upon our website looking for information about how to sell your product to Costco, then you have come to the right place.

We encourage you to stop now, and ask yourself how much time you have spent thus far researching answers and information regarding how to sell your product to Costco. Now imagine how much more time and effort you will put in before you are ready to actually move forward. Now think about eliminating all of that time, effort and energy spent researching a topic that is virtually inaccessible without firsthand experience.

You CAN eliminate the guesswork, by teaming up with VendorCo. With over 20 years of Costco specific expertise and experience, we have already done the research required to help you understand Costco. Whether you are interested in Manufacturer Representation, or you just want answers to your questions, VendorCo can help! We work with the Costco buyers on a daily basis, and we understand how to sell your product to Costco.

You may be able to locate general, public information about how to sell your product to Costco, but this information may not be accurate, and is certainly not tailored to your company, product, and specific department. VendorCo is your premier source for Costco help – tailored specifically to your items!

Contact us today, at for more information about our manufacturer representation, or view our services page to sign up for a consultation.

Costco Members

It is important to understand the demographic of your retailer of choice. Costco has millions of members all over the world, including US, UK, Canada, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Australia, and Mexico. This membership continues to grow, and is likely to expand across the globe.

Costco’s demographic is unique to other retailers, and understanding who you are selling to can make the difference between a successful program and a failed program. Costco buyers do not have the time to educate you about the appropriate look, feel, packaging, and pack sizes that Costco members will look for. If you pitch your product to Costco without ensuring the buyers that you understand the Costco member, you may be quickly overlooked. It is up to you to assure the buyers that your product will be attractive to Costco members once it is in the warehouse or online.

Luckily, VendorCo is an invaluable resource that you may utilize for your Costco program. We understand Costco and we understand the typical Costco member. We know what the buyers look for, and we can spot items that members will enjoy. Because of this vast knowledge and understanding, we can help you coordinate your presentation to reach greater success with the Costco member.

Why take a chance, when you can partner with VendorCo – a company with Costco expertise and a history of success? Call us today at (949) 326-8909 to get started!

Costco Product Submission

Could your product or service be the next big item at Costco Wholesale? The best way to find out is through submitting your product for Costco review. However, navigating Costco’s product submission process is not always an easy task, and you must be sure to adequately meet Costco’s presentation standards. Doing so requires a clear understanding of Costco’s pricing structure, packaging requirements, sales expectations, shipping volume, geographic distribution, additional costs and fees, and much more. This can be exceptionally complicated, even for the most successful executives and sales representatives. If you are not specialized in Costco’s processes, it can be very easy to overlook or misunderstand many of these points, ruining your chances at a successful presentation.

Make sure that your company does not make this mistake by partnering with VendorCo. Our Executive Account Managers are experts in the Costco product submission process. With nearly 24 years of experience and daily communications with Costco’s key decision makers, we can provide you with the knowledge required to sufficiently submit your product to the Costco buyers. Contact VendorCo today to get started, and increase your chances at successful Costco product submission.

(949) 326-8909 or

Rejected Programs: failure to DELIVER

Costco may reject your program if you are unable to deliver on what you promise. Often, this literally means delivering product to the warehouses, depots, or the member’s home – depending on your agreement. If you are incapable of fulfilling orders or delivering product on time, then we cannot stress enough how important it is to be upfront and honest. Better yet, find a fulfillment center or a solution so you CAN deliver.

How do you know whether or not you will need assistance delivering your product? Luckily, VendorCo can help you better understand what is likely to be required from you. There are several avenues to Costco placement, and we can provide you with your options and the structure of each. This information can be invaluable in getting your product in front of the right buyers for your company.

If you are interested in getting more information about the different avenues of Costco and the requirements for each, VendorCo offers all companies the opportunity to speak with one of our executive account managers through the purchase of a telephone consulting session. Better yet, partner with VendorCo to receive free consultation services as a standard piece to your service. Check out our services page to find the best option for your company.

What are the dangers of working without a Manufacturer Representative?

Without proper knowledge and proper representation, your company may be subject to missed opportunities, from a revenue standpoint, and a brand building position.

Some of the dangers we have seen with companies that choose to navigate retail independently include undercutting price point, missed product opportunities, inappropriately packaged items, poorly targeted demographic, flawed revenue calculations, and much more.

The risks involved with a qualified manufacturer representative are minimal, but the benefits are vast. Working with a manufacturer representative requires little to no investment, and high payoffs. Given this information, it only makes sense to find the right manufacturer representative for you company.

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