VendorCo Client Benefits – Follow-up and Follow-through

Let’s say that you have now presented your product to the Costco buyers. What should you do if your program is denied? And what are the next steps if your program is approved? VendorCo’s clients receive ongoing assistance, whether it requires following up with a rejected program, or following through with one that is accepted.

If your program is denied, VendorCo can help gather feedback, as well as assist and consult you with repositioning your product pitch, redesigning elements of your product and packaging, or selecting additional items to present in your next round with the buyers. In addition, we provide a suggested timeline for following up depending on the department, product, and reason for rejection.

If your program is approved, VendorCo will be by your side throughout all of the various administrative tasks, as well as prepare you for what to expect when the program begins. With VendorCo’s assistance, our experts become part of your team, assisting you throughout all steps in the process. In addition, we continue to provide our feedback and suggestions regarding advertising and other opportunities that enhance visibility of your product and potentially increase revenue.

If you are interested in adding VendorCo’s experts to your team, contact us today.

VendorCo Client Benefits – Preparation and Presentation

Every retailer goes about their buying processes differently, and from our experience, many companies miscalculate Costco’s procedures. Unfortunately, even the smallest errors in presenting your product can result in a rejection of your program. At VendorCo, we work with the Costco buyers on a daily basis, and we know the processes and procedures that work in getting your items on the sales floor.

As a VendorCo client, you will receive assistance with all aspects of your presentation. This includes consultations that prepare you for what to expect, how to contact Costco buyers, what specific information should be included in your presentation, and much, much more. Additionally, we will not only be by your side through all steps in the process, but we will help pave the way to greater success.

We understand that you are the experts in your business, but we also recognize that most companies are not experts in Costco’s business. It is extremely difficult to reach this status and truly understand all that Costco has to offer. Fortunately, with over 20 years of experience our executive account managers at VendorCo are Costco experts, and we can help you position your company to reach its highest potential with Costco.

If you are interested in working with Costco and would like assistance with preparation and presentation from VendorCo, contact us today.

VendorCo Client Benefits – Tailored Assistance

VendorCo is committing to serving the individual needs of our clients. Some manufacturers and service providers come to us with a Costco ready brand and product packaging, and they simply need assistance preparing, presenting, and moving forward with their program. Others come to us with a strong brand for retail, but the look and feel of their brand may not be appropriate or well-suited for Costco specifically. We witness a variety of different manufacturers and service providers with a variety of different needs that we are ready and willing to serve.

Many of our clients are unaware of just how much work is needed to move forward with a Costco program, but we perform a detailed analysis of your company brand, product, packaging, etc. to inform you of what will be required to move forward. Our feedback and recommendations are directed toward your specific needs. From customer service assistance to accounting and invoicing, VendorCo is prepared and qualified to provide tailored assistance to your company.

If you are interested in working with Costco and would like tailored assistance from VendorCo, contact us today. We will analyze your company and create a partnership that is customized according to your needs.

January Blogs – VendorCo Client Benefits

Deciding to form a business partnership is not a decision that is to be taken lightly. There must be comfort and confidence within both parties in order to form a cohesive relationship, and the servicing company should be able to clearly communicate the benefits of a partnership. VendorCo takes this commitment seriously, which is why this month we will be focusing on the services that you receive when you choose VendorCo as your manufacturer representative.

When you partner with VendorCo, your company becomes part of a team with over 20 years of Costco experience. This experience is tied to an array of invaluable benefits that can save you time and money – not to mention stress and strain associated with any unfamiliar retail program. Though certainly not an exhaustive list, the following posts will cover several of the benefits our clients receive:

Happy New Year!

Inside Costco Warehouses: The Treasure Hunt

We can all agree that there are some deals at Costco that no one expected to find and buy upon arrival. Members do not shop at Costco merely to buy ordinary items, but they come for what co-founder James Sinegal calls the “Treasure Hunt”. The “Treasure Hunt” refers to the rare item or “rock bottom price” that the member cannot simply overlook. Like treasure, these items usually will disappear and be gone on the next visit. This type of turnover gives the members an urgency to buy before the offers are gone for good.

Members may go in for their routine staple purchases, but often come out with a bottle of Dom Perignon or Callaway golf clubs because they couldn’t pass up on such exceptional deals. These types of offers is what makes Costco an anticipated trip for members and keeps members coming back.

If you are interested in having your product enter a Costco warehouse, contact one of our experts to ensure a successful venture. Our experts maintain a high level of knowledge about Costco’s culture and buying process, contact us at [email protected].

Starting Fresh – VendorCo Representation

If you are looking for expert representation to guide you through Costco, look no further than VendorCo. Our successful track record, years of experience, strong relationships and daily interaction with Costco buyers are just a few reasons why we are qualified and prepared to assist with your Costco program. We have hands on daily experience that simply cannot be matched by other representatives.

Start fresh this month by partnering with VendorCo and increase your chances at Costco success.

Contact us today!

Starting Fresh: Current Vendors

Current Costco vendors may not see a need for expert representation; however, there is always room to grow and increase your revenue within retail. Many manufacturers manage to bring themselves to Costco vendor status without representation, but they may not be aware of the many opportunities available to vendors. Expert representatives can inform current Costco vendors about opportunities that they should take advantage of while in the Costco stores, through, or through other avenues of Costco Wholesale.

Additionally, there is always a risk of being pushed out of Costco once your program or season is finished, and it is not guaranteed that you will be brought back. Expert representatives can help current vendors keep their products inside of Costco and strengthen their current programs potential through their knowledge and understanding of inside processes and procedures.

If you are a current Costco vendor interested in increasing your programs potential, contact VendorCo today for expert representation:

September Blogs – Starting Fresh!

This month will be all about starting fresh in regards to your vendor relationship with Costco. Now is the time to re-evaluate your relationship with Costco, whether you a current vendor, a prospective vendor, or if you have been denied by Costco before. Make September the month of fresh starts and strengthened relationships.

Starting fresh: prospective vendors

Starting fresh: current vendors

Starting fresh: past vendors (for those who have been denied before)

Starting fresh: expert representation

Starting fresh: VendorCo Representation

Check back throughout September for blog updates!

What are the dangers of working without a Manufacturer Representative?

Without proper knowledge and proper representation, your company may be subject to missed opportunities, from a revenue standpoint, and a brand building position.

Some of the dangers we have seen with companies that choose to navigate retail independently include undercutting price point, missed product opportunities, inappropriately packaged items, poorly targeted demographic, flawed revenue calculations, and much more.

The risks involved with a qualified manufacturer representative are minimal, but the benefits are vast. Working with a manufacturer representative requires little to no investment, and high payoffs. Given this information, it only makes sense to find the right manufacturer representative for you company.

Costco Vendor

A Costco vendor is sometimes referred to as a Costco Supplier.  A Costco vendor is any company that is currently selling products to Costco, or has sold products to Costco in the past. A company that has an established brand in a particular region or nationally could be considered by Costco to become a vendor.

Would you like to become a Costco vendor? Get started with your Costco program and contact VendorCo today: [email protected].

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