Product Broker: Pros and Cons

A product broker can also be referred to as a manufacturer representative, independent representative or a product placement company. These companies assist manufacturers and service providers with retail placement. A product broker may be specific to one retailer, or may solicit to many retailers.

A product broker eliminates the guess work for your company. An experienced product broker will know how to present, who to present to, and what to include in your presentations. They will know what packaging changes should be implemented, pallet requirements, process for shipping and delivery of your product, and more. They can assist you with forecasting and customer service on all levels. A product broker will know about hidden costs to account for and suggest how to get the most out of your retail program. Essentially, a product broker will work you through all of the ins and outs of a retail program. An expert can save you hours of research, headache, and hassle.

One of the obvious drawbacks or hesitations in working with a product broker is opening your business specifics to an outside company.  If a broker offers services to more than one retailer, be cautious. Serving more than one major retailer will take enormous effort and likely water down their expertise.

How do you choose the right product broker for you? View our blog based on information we have required through our experience: how-to-find-cost-effective-product-brokers, or contact VendorCo for expert Costco representation.

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