What NOT to do: Sell Unfriendly Consumer Product(s)

A furniture company designed a collapsible, all-in-one style camping chair that was perceived to be a great product for Costco members; however, when removed from its packaging, the chair could not self-assemble quickly. It did not open and close well, and was therefore not usable right out of the package. Faulty product functionality like this can result in an onslaught of returns, possible recalls, a bustling customer service department, and of course, an extreme loss in revenue and reputation. All products must be consumer friendly and easy to install right out of the box with all necessary parts and instructions included before it can reach a retail audience.

What NOT to do with Costco? Never place an item on Costco’s sales floors that is flawed, in any way. VendorCo can help your company avoid costly miscalculations that can result in buyer disinterest, as well as damage to your reputation and relationships with the buyers.

Find out if your product qualifies as a Costco ready item, and contact VendorCo today for expert representation.

Starting Fresh – Past Vendors

Vendors that no longer work with Costco may feel that their potential has passed; however, we urge you to reconsider and start fresh with a manufacturer representative. There are many reasons why a program may be pushed out of Costco. Mostly this process occurs naturally with items going through a seasonal rotation and many programs may not be picked up for the next period.

An expert representative can help you increase your potential for a second chance at Costco placement, and potential for year round placement as well. An experts knowledge of the inside workings of Costco Wholesale is exceptionally valuable to vendors that are no longer working with Costco.
To contact an expert representative, choose VendorCo. Visit www.vendorco.com/contact-us, and start fresh with a new Costco program.

Retail Expert – Costco

If you are looking for a retail expert with a Costco Wholesale focus, look no further than VendorCo.

At VendorCo, we have 20 years of EXPERIENCE working both inside the Costco buying offices, and outside of Costco as a retail expert and manufacturer representative. We have a track record that is ridden with SUCCESS and have represented top selling products on Costco.com and Costco in-store. And lastly, our sole FOCUS is Costco Wholesale, so you may rest assured that we will be interacting with the buying staff on a daily basis.

To contact VendorCo, simply visit www.vendorco.com/contact or give us a call at 949-326-8909.

How to find a qualified Costco Rep?

If you are looking for a qualified Costco Representative, look no further than VendorCo. Our expertise is derived from over 20 years of experience working both inside and outside of Costco Wholesale. Our successful track record speaks for itself. If you’re looking for a company with the knowledge and know-how, the connection, experience, and history of Costco Wholesale, then you are looking for VendorCo.

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What should a qualified representative accomplish?

A qualified representative should be realistically qualified and experienced in specific retail venues. Representatives that claim to work with all retail cannot possibly have the depth of knowledge that a focused manufacturer representative has.

A qualified representative should be focused on growing revenue for your company. As such, they should offer fair and reasonable compensation for their services.

Qualified manufacturer representatives should have the ability to speak the language of their retailer(s), create presentations according to their standards, be in contact with or have connections to the buyers/assistant buyers, and they should have knowledge of the undisclosed nuances that will help your company succeed.

If a program is denied, your manufacturer representative should have a plan of action for where to go next. If a program is accepted, your manufacturer representative should be aware of the next steps, and what will be expected from your company.

How can a Manufacturer Representative increase revenue for my company?

A qualified manufacturer representative carries years of experience surrounding their retail scope. It is through hands on experience that the secrets and tricks of certain retailers become revealed. Simple facts that are not readily available to the average manufacturer can increase your revenue significantly. These tricks are second nature to qualified, experienced manufacturer representatives that may you may take advantage of by utilizing a representative company.

At VENDORCO, we have seen how our services can benefit manufacturers of all shapes and sizes. Because of our knowledge and experience, we are able to speak the language of our targeted retail company (Costco Wholesale) in a way that appeals to their interests. We are able to position our clients programs in the most optimal way, and craft programs that will bring in the most revenue possible.

These are just a sample of the advantages experienced by companies that partner with qualified manufacturer representatives.

How can a Manufacturer Representative benefit my team?

How can a Manufacturer Representative benefit my team?

When you partner with a manufacturer representative, you essentially add an experienced team of retail experts to your staff. Your team will benefit from the expert assistance and program management that a manufacturer representative provides. Rather than spending hours researching appropriate methods of presentation, simply refer to your manufacturer representation. If they don’t have the answers you need right away, they will surely know how to get them for you.

Many companies underestimate the ins and outs associated with a retail program. Even hours of independent research cannot compare to years of hands on expertise that a manufacturer representative provides. Your team will experience a stress reduced ease of access to your retailer of choice.

What is a Manufacturer Representative?

If you are looking to place your product into retail, a manufacturer representative will help you pave the way toward a successful program.  A manufacturer representative is often referred to as a product broker, a product representative, a product placement company, or an expert retail broker.

Manufacturer representatives can be used as a third party liaison between your company and the retail venue of your choice. A manufacturer representative is seasoned and knowledgeable as it pertains to their retail scope.

When you partner with a manufacturer representative, you essentially add an experienced team of retail experts to your staff.

Social Media

Social Media is a great way to advertise your company for free. Most of us are aware of the top social media websites (Facebook®, Twitter®, LinkedIn®, etc.)

It can be extremely beneficial for your company to sign up with these venues, connect with your clients, reach out to potential clients, and provide visibility to your company and brand.

If your website is lacking in SEO, utilizing a social media web page can bring your company name at the top of the search engine.

How? When you google/bing/yahoo/etc. your company name, your social media page may pop up immediately. From there, be sure to link your social media pages to your website to increase your traffic.

The bottom line is, social media is vital to the growth of your business at this time. If you are not taking advantage of this, start today and sign up.

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Costco Membership: Rates and Retention

To date,member renewal rates remain high as a result of constant value perception and product innovation. Because Costco is a low-margin business, they reward their members for being loyal and are successful by increasing the frequency and average purchase of club members. According to Trefis research done in 2015, membership renewal rates are on the rise and customers are visiting Costco more frequently. Costco’s ability to retain their members is unlike anything that has been seen before.

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