Costco Shipping Containers and Trailers

If you have any experience with overseas shipping and/or domestic full truck shipping, then you understand that there are various container/trailer sizes and methods of loading. Vendors often make the mistake of quoting the method and size that is most familiar to them. Perhaps you ship internationally on a 20’ Size container on particular style pallets. Or you may ship domestically via a flatbed trailer with floor loaded master cartons. However, your methods may not be accepted by Costco.

Additionally, all load capacities should be based on maximum utilization of trailer space. For example, loads on pallets need to be turned inside the trailer in a very specific way. Failure to do so may result in additional freight charges to the vendor. Any small change or discrepancy can result in a significant price difference. Don’t make this mistake. Be informed of all Costco’s shipping container/ trailer requirements and load diagrams, by partnering with a knowledgable Costco representative company like VendorCo.

We help our clients understand the “do’s” and “don’ts” of Costco shipping before a price is quoted to Costco, so there are no false assumptions, no guessing games, and reduced potential for losses based on incorrect price quoting. Contact us today to get started, at [email protected].

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