Costco Advertising: In-store Options

Advertising options to Costco vendors vary depending on the avenue through which a product is selling. If an item is selling in-store, certain advertising opportunities would not be available, and vice versa.

If you have ever walked into a Costco Warehouse, you understand that the layout is vastly different from typical retail stores. There are few to no flashy signs, extravagant displays, wall hangings, etc. (with the exception of Road Shows). Instead, all products seem to have a very uniform, clean look. The absence of extravagant features, drawing the members’ eye to specific products, means all products have an equal chance at developing and maintaining successful sales. However, there are opportunities available to increase the visibility of your product in the warehouse, and thus increasing the sales potential.

Opportunities typically include highlighting a product through strategic placement. This may include end caps, front of the store placement, or on Costco’s cages. Of course, there is a cost to these options.

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