Costco Regional Sales: Benefits

Regional sales can be ideal, depending on your company needs and goals. The benefits of regional sales include the possibility to focus on a small production run. Especially for companies that are new to club/big box sales, regional sales will allow you to create and test packaging and sales. Additionally, there are 9 regions and 9 regional buyers regional sales allows you 9 chances to hear a “yes”. With national sales, you only have one chance to impress, while regional sales provide 9 opportunities for a buyer to take a chance with your item.

To discuss more of the benefits of regional sales and to help determine if this is the right avenue for your company, choose VendorCo as your manufacturer representative. We will walk you through the process and provide you with the necessary information to make the best decisions for your company. Get started by contacted us today at

How can I get a Costco vendor guide?

Costco has many “guides” available to existing vendors, including manuals for logistics, credit, quality assurance, and more. Once you become a Costco vendor, these guides are readily available to you through Costco’s vendor portal.

Many visitors to our site ask to obtain a copy of a Costco vendor guide, and unfortunately, this request is too vague to provide any proper assistance. Costco’s vendor guides are documents created by Costco and are proprietary to existing or new vendors only. If you are an existing vendor seeking a Costco vendor guide, this can be obtained through the vendor portal or through Costco’s buying office.

We assume this question is mostly geared to hopeful vendors looking for a guide to product placement, and unfortunately, no such guide exists. That is, there is no physical document created by Costco that guides vendors toward product placement; however, you may receive guidance through VendorCo!

Let us be your Costco vendor guide, and we will direct you, coach you, and lead you through each step in the Costco sales process. To find out more, contact us at, or 949-326-8909.

November Blogs – FAQ’s

Every day we receive thousands of visits to our website from people like you looking for answers or help with their Costco program. VendorCo is a Costco representative company, helping countless companies reach success with their program. We understand that not all manufacturers wish to work with a representative, and some of you are simply looking for answers to common questions.

Over the past 6 months, we have compiled a list of the top questions we receive through our website. Through this month and next month, we will address the top questions that we receive. November will be focused on answering your Costco questions. Here is a list of the top questions received through our website:

Is there a step by step guide to Costco placement?

How can I get a Costco buyer list?

How can I get a Costco vendor guide?

How can I gain access to Costco’s vendor portal?

Where can I send my products for Costco review?

How can I get a copy of the documents required for Costco vendor set-up?

What are Costco’s vendor requirements?

If you have additional questions that are not addressed here, contact us to see how we can help @

October Blogs – Selling to Costco

This month we will be discussing Costco In-store sales, including how to sell to Costco In-store. The following topics will be covered in this months posts:

Defining Costco In-Store Sales

Costco In-Store Sales Opportunities

Costco In-Store “Deal Breakers”

Costco In-Store Testing

Costco In-Store Placement

Costco In-Store Returns

Costco Sales Assistance

Stay tuned throughout the month of October to learn more about Costco In-Store sales.

For expert manufacturer representation for your Costco program, Contact VendorCo at

Starting Fresh – Prospective Vendors

It is a dream of many manufacturers and service providers to work with Costco Wholesale, and to have their products viewed by millions of Costco members every day. Some move forward to make this dream a reality, and by doing so they reap the benefits of working with one of the top retailers and the number one warehouse chain in the USA. But what separates the companies that succeed from the companies that fail? From our experience, having the right knowledge and the right partnerships can separate the Costco vendors from the Costco hopefuls.

Some manufacturers and service providers view a relationship with Costco as a far fetched goal that is not within reach. If you have thought about working with Costco before, start fresh this month by partnering with an expert manufacturer representative. An expert can provide you with the knowledge to navigate Costco Wholesale, and strong relationships with buyers that make the decisions about your product or service.

Get started today by contacting VendorCo, at

August Blogs –

Last month, we introduced the various avenues of Costco Wholesale. This month, we will delve deeper into the processes of, providing vital information that must be considered and accounted for before proceeding with your program. We will cover the following topics to help with your program:

  • About
  • Member Advantages
  • Vendor Advantages
  • Advertising Opportunities
  • Additional Sales Opportunities
  • Packaging  and Shipping / Fulfillment
  • Resources

Stay tuned throughout the month of August to read all about!

Costco International

Costco has several international buying offices outside of the US, including Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and Australia. Additionally, Costco is always expanding. International programs operate differently from the US in many regards, including testing requirements, regulations, and procedures.

Working with international buying offices can be an extremely beneficial for several reasons; however, it can also be difficult to approach and navigate.

VendorCo can help hopeful Costco vendors manage their international programs. With a history of international success within Costco, we understand the processes and procedures necessary to create a long term relationship with the international buying offices.

For more information, contact VendorCo at

Selling to Costco – Which Avenue is Right for You?

VendorCo is all about helping manufacturers and service providers sell to Costco. There are many common misconceptions about Costco’s business that can be detrimental to potential vendors seeking a relationship with Costco.

One way that many companies hinder their relationship with Costco is by misunderstanding which avenue is most appropriate for their product. This month we are dedicating our blog to introducing and explaining the multiple avenues of Costco Wholesale. This month, we hope to help potential Costco vendors gain a better understanding as to where they should start.

Although we will explain the main avenues of Costco briefly, the information provided is in no way a comprehensive explanation of each area. There is much more to know about each area of Costco that can only be acquired through hands on experience, or by speaking to an expert at length.

An even better option is to have an expert by your side while you navigate each bump and hurdle. VendorCo offers representation to established companies that are prepared to work with Costco. We are happy to review your business and provide our opinion regarding your Costco readiness. If you would like to speak to a VendorCo executive account manager, or if you wish to move forward with a sales representative, contact us at

How to Sell Product to Costco

Wondering why you cannot seem to find clear instructions regarding how to sell product to Costco? There are two main reasons for this shortage of information.

First, not many people truly know and understand how to sell product to Costco. Other than directly from the source itself, few companies or individuals have the understanding needed to successfully educate others about this topic. Even those who have worked with Costco once or twice are not likely to be knowledgeable about how to sell product to each individual Costco department.

Second, much of this information is considered to be “trade secrets”, and is simply not accessible for public access. Unfortunately, this makes it very difficult for companies to gain access to pertinent information regarding how to sell product to Costco.

However, all is certainly not lost for hopeful Costco vendors. Affordable resources are available to any company looking for information about how to sell product to Costco. For instance, VendorCo has access to a wealth of information related to how to sell product to Costco. After 20 years of experience and daily interactions with the Costco buying staff, we can answer most questions about Costco’s processes at the drop of a hat. This information is openly available to any of our clients, or through consultations.

Though it may be difficult to find, information about how to sell product to Costco is available. All you have to do is call us! Whether you are looking for long term representation and a commitment to service throughout your Costco program, or if you just want to clear up a few loose ends before proceeding, you can find exactly what you are looking for through one of our services.

Contact us at to find out if a partnership is right for you, or visit our services page here for more information about a personalized consultation.

Costco Members

It is important to understand the demographic of your retailer of choice. Costco has millions of members all over the world, including US, UK, Canada, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Australia, and Mexico. This membership continues to grow, and is likely to expand across the globe.

Costco’s demographic is unique to other retailers, and understanding who you are selling to can make the difference between a successful program and a failed program. Costco buyers do not have the time to educate you about the appropriate look, feel, packaging, and pack sizes that Costco members will look for. If you pitch your product to Costco without ensuring the buyers that you understand the Costco member, you may be quickly overlooked. It is up to you to assure the buyers that your product will be attractive to Costco members once it is in the warehouse or online.

Luckily, VendorCo is an invaluable resource that you may utilize for your Costco program. We understand Costco and we understand the typical Costco member. We know what the buyers look for, and we can spot items that members will enjoy. Because of this vast knowledge and understanding, we can help you coordinate your presentation to reach greater success with the Costco member.

Why take a chance, when you can partner with VendorCo – a company with Costco expertise and a history of success? Call us today at (949) 326-8909 to get started!

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