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VENDORCO is a Costco specific manufacturer’s representative / brokerage company and is committed to Costco product placement and program development. Our Senior Account Managers have over 15 years of independent Costco experience, providing VENDORCO with the skills, knowledge, and relationships that are beneficial to Costco product placement. While our executives have experience in the foods category of Costco Wholesale, VENDORCO specializes and focuses on the non-foods divisions.

Why work with us?

Have you ever imagined your product or service in Costco Wholesale, but were uncertain of where to begin? Look no further. VENDORCO serves a wide variety of companies – manufacturers with branded products and/or services as well as companies with emerging or new products.

Costco’s processes can be extremely complex and distinct. Presenting your product without the proper tools and knowledge of Costco’s standards and requirements can be a waste of time, resources, and money. Trust a company with experience, a successful history, and a dedicated team of representatives to guide you through the Costco processes.

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What do our customers say about us?

“COSTCONNECT (now VENDORCO) knows the process and speaks the language spoken at Costco. Experience in the areas of communications, information flow and follow through is essential to meeting Costco’s vendor expectations. Knowing the processes for connecting with the buyers and management at Costco is also critical. So, if you’re making your first presentation, working through business implementation or monitoring an ongoing relationship at Costco, COSTCONNECT (now VENDORCO) is a resource that makes sense.” — David Farley, CEO, Anatomic Global, Inc.

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