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Costco Vendor Guides are trained product placement companies, product brokers and manufacturer’s representatives who through their experience and knowledge can help guide manufacturers, service providers and distributors through the Costco buying process.

Costco Vendor Guides are available at different levels of knowledge, experience and understanding. They can be defined as novice, experienced, expert and veteran. In general each level can be defined by the number of years, how many items sold or promoted and the specific category experience they offer. A novice Costco Vendor Guide will have less than 3 years of experience and largely take a supportive role in the product pitch or placement process; they have very limited knowledge of the categories and department nuances. An experienced Costco Vendor Guide will have 3-10 years of sporadic product pitch or placement with direct and supportive roles in the product placement process; the experience is not likely to encompass all Costco categories. Beware of the specialists who cross over to several retailers like Sam’s Club, Costco, BJ’s Warehouse and more, they may have the years but have watered down their experience through broad sales. An expert Costco Vendor Guide has 10 or more years of Costco specific experience, knowledge, and established reputation as well as relationships. A veteran has many years of Costco employment combined with many years of Costco product placement expertise.

Costco Vendor Guides have been in existence for over 25 years. A Costco Vendor Guide‘s primary purpose is to work as an agent for prospective or current Costco Wholesale vendors or suppliers. The key to being an authentic specialist is knowledge and experience that allows one to bridge requirements, stipulations, and understand buying styles by category. Genuine Costco Vendor Guide has many years of specialized training and experience. Over the past 25 years Costco has grown and changed significantly, a veteran embraces Costco’s history and works within the current focus. It is with this understanding and affection that most vendors and suppliers realize the highest progress toward product or service placement. Today, Costco Wholesale is the 3rd largest retailer in the United States, has over fifty-four million members in over 9 countries. (Read more about Costco Wholesale ).

It is said that 85% of success is relationship driven. A Costco Vendor Guide by virtue of time and focus has undoubtedly created relationships and a name for themselves. Costco Vendor Guides with the right level of knowledge, experience, time and relationships are great educators on the Costco do’s and don’ts. So how does a Costco Vendor Guide with so much Costco experience balance the between Costco and vendor? A Costco Vendor Guide works on behalf of the manufacturer or service provider while adhering and supporting the expectations and general work flow that Costco and its buying staff have become synonymous for. It is through understanding that the best relationships are created and the most success can be harnessed.

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