Road Show Success

How can your company grow a successful relationship with Costco through Road Shows?

As we have mentioned in previous blog posts, Costco Road Shows provide a fantastic opportunity for smaller companies to have a relationship with Costco Wholesale. If your products are high quality and you are able to provide Costco members with a significant savings, then you may have a shot at Costco Road Shows.

Through a Costco Road Show your items are placed directly on the warehouse sales floors. Your company is set-up as a Costco vendor and you are provided with a Costco vendor number. If your items are successful through a Costco Road Show, your chances at obtaining in-line placement are much higher than if you were to present without prior sales information.

In-line placement (also known as standard or full roll-out placement) is the most profitable and the most desirable avenue of Costco. Often companies wish to rush into full roll-out placement .This can be possible if your company is established in the retail industry and your brand is highly recognized, particularly to Costco’s demographic.

However, if your company is not “Costco ready”, Road Shows can be a great opportunity to create a Costco relationship, and ultimately create a profitable program within Costco.