Costco Advertising fees

Have you ever noticed that Costco commercials, print Ad’s, and other forms of media advertising are virtually non-existent? This is because Costco chooses to market products only to their members, versus the consumer population as a whole (with the exception of some popular social media sites). Because of this, advertising opportunities within Costco are minimal.

Advertising channels varies depending on where the product is selling within Costco. If a particular product is selling in-store, certain advertising opportunities on may not be available, and vice versa. In-store advertising programs at Costco may be different than what you are accustomed to at other retailers. With the exception of roadshow items, Costco does not incorporate flashy materials in the display of their products. Vendors are generally limited to their product packaging, pallet skirts, and occasionally a display unit. However, there are some paid in-store advertising options including coupons, Connection Ads, end caps, front of store placement, and cages.

With limited opportunities available, there is a high demand amongst vendors to obtain one of the coveted spots available. If you are interested in creating a program with advertising, consider partnering with a manufacturer representative like VendorCo. Our team can offer more information and services on in-store advertising options; call us at (866)365-2925.