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VendorCo Client Benefits – Tailored Assistance

Susan Walker - Tuesday, January 15, 2013

VendorCo is committing to serving the individual needs of our clients. Some manufacturers and service providers come to us with a Costco ready brand and product packaging, and they simply need assistance preparing, presenting, and moving forward with their program. Others come to us with a strong brand for retail, but the look and feel of their brand may not be appropriate or well-suited for Costco specifically. We witness a variety of different manufacturers and service providers with a variety of different needs that we are ready and willing to serve.

Many of our clients are unaware of just how much work is needed to move forward with a Costco program, but we perform a detailed analysis of your company brand, product, packaging, etc. to inform you of what will be required to move forward. Our feedback and recommendations are directed toward your specific needs. From customer service assistance to accounting and invoicing, VendorCo is prepared and qualified to provide tailored assistance to your company.

If you are interested in working with Costco and would like tailored assistance from VendorCo, contact us today. We will analyze your company and create a partnership that is customized according to your needs. 

January Blogs – VendorCo Client Benefits

Susan Walker - Thursday, January 03, 2013

Deciding to form a business partnership is not a decision that is to be taken lightly. There must be comfort and confidence within both parties in order to form a cohesive relationship, and the servicing company should be able to clearly communicate the benefits of a partnership. VendorCo takes this commitment seriously, which is why this month we will be focusing on the services that you receive when you choose VendorCo as your manufacturer representative.

When you partner with VendorCo, your company becomes part of a team with over 20 years of Costco experience. This experience is tied to an array of invaluable benefits that can save you time and money – not to mention stress and strain associated with any unfamiliar retail program. Though certainly not an exhaustive list, the following posts will cover several of the benefits our clients receive:

·        Tailored assistance

·        Preparation and Presentation

·        Follow-up and Follow-through

·        Ongoing Relationships

Happy New Year!

Starting Fresh - VendorCo Representation

Susan Walker - Wednesday, September 26, 2012

If you are looking for expert representation to guide you through Costco, look no further than VendorCo. Our successful track record, years of experience, strong relationships, and daily interaction with Costco buyers are just a few reasons why we are qualified and prepared to assist with your Costco program. We have hands on daily experience that simply cannot be matched by other representatives. 

Start fresh this month by partnering with VendorCo, and increase your chances at Costco success

Contact us today!

How to find a qualified Costco Rep?

Susan Walker - Wednesday, December 28, 2011

If you are looking for a qualified Costco Representative, look no further than VendorCo. Our expertise is derived from over 20 years of experience working both inside and outside of Costco Wholesale. Our successful track record speaks for itself. If you’re looking for a company with the knowledge and know-how, the connection, experience, and history of Costco Wholesale, then you are looking for VendorCo.

Contact us today for more information or to get started: | (866) 883-4480

What should a qualified representative accomplish?

Susan Walker - Thursday, December 22, 2011

A qualified representative should be realistically qualified and experienced in specific retail venues. Representatives that claim to work with all retail cannot possibly have the depth of knowledge that a focused manufacturer representative has.

A qualified representative should be focused on growing revenue for your company. As such, they should offer fair and reasonable compensation for their services.

Qualified manufacturer representatives should have the ability to speak the language of their retailer(s), create presentations according to their standards, be in contact with or have connections to the buyers/assistant buyers, and they should have knowledge of the undisclosed nuances that will help your company succeed.

If a program is denied, your manufacturer representative should have a plan of action for where to go next. If a program is accepted, your manufacturer representative should be aware of the next steps, and what will be expected from your company.

How can a Manufacturer Representative benefit my team?

Susan Walker - Wednesday, December 14, 2011

How can a Manufacturer Representative benefit my team?

When you partner with a manufacturer representative, you essentially add an experienced team of retail experts to your staff. Your team will benefit from the expert assistance and program management that a manufacturer representative provides. Rather than spending hours researching appropriate methods of presentation, simply refer to your manufacturer representation. If they don’t have the answers you need right away, they will surely know how to get them for you.

Many companies underestimate the ins and outs associated with a retail program. Even hours of independent research cannot compare to years of hands on expertise that a manufacturer representative provides. Your team will experience a stress reduced ease of access to your retailer of choice.

What is a Manufacturer Representative?

Susan Walker - Saturday, December 10, 2011

What is a Manufacturer Representative?

If you are looking to place your product into retail, a manufacturer representative will help you pave the way toward a successful program.  A manufacturer representative is often referred to as a product broker, a product representative, a product placement company, or an expert retail broker.

Manufacturer representatives can be used as a third party liaison between your company and the retail venue of your choice. A manufacturer representative is seasoned and knowledgeable as it pertains to their retail scope.

When you partner with a manufacturer representative, you essentially add an experienced team of retail experts to your staff.

Social Media

Susan Walker - Thursday, December 01, 2011

Social Media is a great way to advertise your company for free. Most of us are aware of the top social media websites (Facebook®, Twitter®, LinkedIn®, etc.)

It can be extremely beneficial for your company to sign up with these venues, connect with your clients, reach out to potential clients, and provide visibility to your company and brand.

If your website is lacking in SEO, utilizing a social media web page can bring your company name at the top of the search engine.

How? When you google/bing/yahoo/etc. your company name, your social media page may pop up immediately. From there, be sure to link your social media pages to your website to increase your traffic.

The bottom line is, social media is vital to the growth of your business at this time. If you are not taking advantage of this, start today and sign up.

Visit VendorCc:

or on LinkedIn (search term: VendorCo)

50 Minutes of Advice

Susan Walker - Friday, August 19, 2011

Expertise in key areas of business is essential to your success. This a simple, but profound concept that many executives overlook. It may seem easier to perform multiple aspects of your business independently, even if these pieces fall outside of your strengths and abilities. Perhaps it appears that "going it alone" may save you money, but in the long run you may find that this is a grave mistake. 

When you attempt to navigate avenues of retail without the proper knowledge and understanding, you may find that all of your hard work is useless when your program is quickly denied. There are countless mistakes that can be made in the product presentation process, even after spending hours, days, months, or even years researching or paying employees to research the best methods and procedures for success. This is time and money that could (and should) be spent focusing on your individual strengths. And these mistakes can easily be spotted by a trained expert. 

Retail product placement is OUR strength. Over 20 years of experience has crafted our business, and our experts are here to help you.

With just 50 minutes of advice through VendorCo's Professional Telephone Consultation, we can help provide direction and answer important questions about retail placement. Just 50 minutes will provide you access to over 20 years of research and experience, setting you on the right path to retail success. 

Don't take a risk with your large retail accounts. Contact us or visit to get started, and gain an edge in the retail market. 

Product Broker: Pros and Cons

Susan Walker - Wednesday, August 10, 2011
A product broker can also be referred to as a manufacturer representative, independent representative or a product placement company. These companies assist manufacturers and service providers with retail placement. A product broker may be specific to one retailer, or may solicit to many retailers.

A product broker eliminates the guess work for your company. An experienced product broker will know how to present, who to present to, and what to include in your presentations. They will know what packaging changes should be implemented, pallet requirements, process for shipping and delivery of your product, and more. They can assist you with forecasting and customer service on all levels. A product broker will know about hidden costs to account for and suggest how to get the most out of your retail program. Essentially, a product broker will work you through all of the ins and outs of a retail program. An expert can save you hours of research, headache, and hassle.

One of the obvious drawbacks or hesitations in working with a product broker is opening your business specifics to an outside company.  If a broker offers services to more than one retailer, be cautious. Serving more than one major retailer will take enormous effort and likely water down their expertise. 

How do you choose the right product broker for you? View our blog based on information we have required through our experience:, or contact VendorCo for expert Costco representation. 

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