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15 Elements of Successful Product Placement

Susan Walker - Monday, August 22, 2011
The 15 Elements of Successful Product Placement are the 15 essential steps that are necessary to achieve maximum retail success.

The Elements were crafted and developed by VendorCo's CEO, S.D. Walker through 20+ years of Costco experience, including buying, operations, distribution, and manufacturer representation. S.D. Walker has gained the knowledge and expertise necessary to succeed in retail.

To assist aspiring retail manufacturers and service providers, VendorCo now offers this knowledge and expertise in a short, easy to read book. The 15 Elements of Successful Product placement book is provided to you for FREE, you only pay shipping and handling. To order, visit
OR, receive The 15 Elements of Successful Product Placement as a free add-on with your purchase of a 50 minute Professional Consultation, and your shipping and handling fees will be waived. 

Need help with your retail/Costco program, but looking for something different? Contact VendorCo today! We are happy to assess your company to see how we can help you. 

Why is a Professional Telephone Consultation beneficial?

Susan Walker - Monday, June 20, 2011

VendorCo has recently launched a new consulting program for small businesses, entrepreneurs, or mid-large size companies that are looking to gain additional knowledge about the retail industry. The most common question that we receive is “why is this consulting service necessary?”

As referenced in the acclaimed book Good to Great by Jim Collins, having informed advisers is essential to the success of your company. These informed advisers have expertise in specific areas, such as electronics/technical experts (IT department), hiring experts (human resources), sales executives, accounting experts, attorney’s, etc. When your company lacks experts in a particular field or does not have a particular department, you hire an outside company to ensure the job is done right and to ensure the advice is solid.

For solid retail product placement and expansion, VendorCo is the company you can rely on.  VendorCo has over 20 years of retail product placement and product development experience.  If you are in need of just a little advice and don’t require full service assistance, our consulting service is perfect for you. During your 50 minute telephone consultation, your questions will be answered directly by a retail expert.

As an added value, with your initial phone consultation purchase you will also receive a complimentary copy of our booklet, "15 Elements of Successful Product Placement". This 60 page book is a must read for any manufacturer, service provider or sales executive wishing to acquire retail product placement, expand current distribution, or refresh their retail knowledge.

Your consultation can go a number of ways. You may choose to prepare a series of questions and our expert will go question by question with you either before or after you have read "15 Elements of Successful Product Placement". Your questions may be Costco specific (as VendorCo is a Costco specific manufacturer representative), or about retail in general.

If you have just a few specific questions, your VendorCo representative will ask the appropriate questions to provide detailed, expert advice and suggestions on what steps your company could or should take to expand retail distribution. You may also send a sample of your product AND any competitive information you can provide about the product (such as price point, product quality, packaging, brand, placement, demographic, etc.). Your representative will review this information prior to your conversation to provide you with the best advice possible.

Visit our website for more information, and contact us to get started!

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