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Website Mistakes

Susan Walker - Thursday, November 17, 2011

1. Amateur Websites – the cost of a professional LOOKING website is almost mandatory, and worth the cost if you plan on selling to retail.

2. Mismatching Emails Addresses – Be sure your email address matches your website. For example, our website is consistent with our email addresses. You should not have a yahoo, hotmail, Gmail, etc. business email address if you expect to sell to retail.

3. Poor Image Quality – hiring a professional photographer to photograph your products can be beneficial. At the very least, have a graphic design expert edit your photos to ensure high quality, clear images that are web appropriate.

4. Slow Loading Web Pages – we live in a fast paced world! How often do we get frustrated waiting for a website and simply give up on it? Images that are too high in resolution will take too much time to load. Additionally, keep the flash player to a minimum, or provide an option for no flash. Consumers and buyers alike appreciate when information is available quickly.

 5. Spelling/Grammar Errors – Simple mistakes may be damaging to the overall feel of your company and website. Proofread your text multiple times, and by multiple personnel.

Website Tips

Susan Walker - Tuesday, November 15, 2011
1. What is your website focus?
This may seem obvious, but your website is one of the best ways to introduce your company to your customers AND retailers. Keep in mind that your internet audience encompasses more than just consumers!
2. Are your products selling online?
Having a company store on your website creates a starting point for your retail business. Be sure to set-up a company store, or refer to online retailers currently selling your product.
3. How is your SEO?
Are consumers and retailers able to find your website easily? Consider partnering with a website marketing expert to help reach your desired audience.
4. Are you taking advantage of Social Media?
Social media is becoming one of the best ways to reach young audiences. Be sure that you are taking advantage of this opportunity!
5. Are you taking advantage of mobile networking?
Is your website “smart phone compatible”? Be sure that your website is keeping up with this shift in technology.

Website Importance

Susan Walker - Saturday, November 12, 2011

Your company website is often the buyers only view into your business from a customer’s perspective. You can spend hours perfecting your pitch and presentation to your retail buyer, but if your website is unprofessional or inconsistent, it may be enough to prevent the buyer from choosing your retail program. A website review is often a part of the buyer’s company/product review, so be sure that your website is both consumer AND  “buyer ready” before moving forward with retail.


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Vendor Guides to Success

Susan Walker - Friday, August 05, 2011

Vendor guides refer to resources and expertise that individuals or companies may utilize for various professional needs. Having the right guides to success is extremely important for ALL businesses to succeed.  Examples of suitable vendor guides may include in-depth research or third party individuals/companies that are specialists in the field of your focus.

Relying on research can often be useful, but is usually time consuming and costly. Additionally, you may find that there is either too much or too little information on your subject of interest, making it extremely difficult to identify information that is truly accurate and valuable. You should also consider that the time spent researching a topic is time that you could spend utilizing your unique skills.  

Consulting with an expert can save you hours of research, ensure that the advice and information you receive is solid and accurate, and allow you to focus your time on growing and improving your business.  When you can rely on experts we recommend that you do. Vendor guidance from a reputable individual/company is likely to save you time and money in the long run.

Interested in Costco vendor guidance? Keep up with our blogs for more information, or contact us at We look forward to hearing from you!

Knowledge is Power

Susan Walker - Friday, July 29, 2011

It was the great English author and philosopher Sir Francis Bacon who said “Knowledge is power”. Life and business success are achieved through knowledge. Experienced, knowledgeable experts are absolutely necessary to the success of your business.

VendorCo is a 20 year retail product placement and program development expert and the creator of the 15 Elements of Successful Product Placement book, specific to newer businesses.  If you or your company need cost effective knowledge about retail, purchase a 50 minute Professional Phone Consultation and receive a complimentary copy of 15 Elements of Successful Product Placement.

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Welcome to our Blog!

Susan Walker - Monday, April 25, 2011

Welcome to VendorCo's brand new blog!  Here you will find updated information about VendorCo and our programs, Costco product updates, answers to common questions, and much more! If you want to know more about Costco, then VendorCo can help.

Have a suggestion for a blog post? We’d love to hear it! Email and you may find your suggestion on future blog posts. We look forward to your feedback and comments.

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