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Selling to Costco – Which Avenue is Right for You?

Susan Walker - Tuesday, July 02, 2013

VendorCo is all about helping manufacturers and service providers sell to Costco. There are many common misconceptions about Costco’s business that can be detrimental to potential vendors seeking a relationship with Costco.

One way that many companies hinder their relationship with Costco is by misunderstanding which avenue is most appropriate for their product. This month we are dedicating our blog to introducing and explaining the multiple avenues of Costco Wholesale. This month, we hope to help potential Costco vendors gain a better understanding as to where they should start.

Although we will explain the main avenues of Costco briefly, the information provided is in no way a comprehensive explanation of each area. There is much more to know about each area of Costco that can only be acquired through hands on experience, or by speaking to an expert at length.

An even better option is to have an expert by your side while you navigate each bump and hurdle. VendorCo offers representation to established companies that are prepared to work with Costco. We are happy to review your business and provide our opinion regarding your Costco readiness. If you would like to speak to a VendorCo executive account manager, or if you wish to move forward with a sales representative, contact us at

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